Healthy lifestyle

Would a skinny person eat this…

Before i’m touching on the subject, lets be clear when i’m reffering to skinny i talk about healthy skinny, that is fit and joyful, not the one you can almost seethru. To put the health on the line and be that skinny is not really worth it.

Why some people are skinny and others areburger not?

There would be a multitude of things that account to that, but to summarize it would come down to. “Skinny people eat food and have habits, do activities that allow them to be skinny.”

If you would like to be get healthy skinny, there is a great question you can ask yourself:
Would a skinny person eat this?”

If your goal is to become fit and trim  you will have to implement some of the food health people it. That means more lean meat, fruits, vegetables and salads.Cutting of junk food, not all at once, but gradually overtime. Give the body some time to adjust to the new eating habits. If you have trouble to get away from the fast food, try to take it slow.  Some say habits re never broken, they are replaced by better, healthier habits. Yes this will take some time and effort, but just imagine how much healthier and stronger you will feel. Getting compliments to your new improved self.

If you dont plan your shape in advance, it might turn into a shape you might not like. Yes, it is a pretty big decision alright, but get this right, the time will pass anyhow, so you might take some care in shaping it in the way you want it. If you will do that It’s big indicator that you care what happens in your life, after all we feel more happy when we are more healthy. Indeed, the healhier you get the more happier you feel. America’s one of the most motivating speaker said it best: After 5 years you will arrive, question is where? I hope you will arrive at a well designed place, where you do what you love, wear that you want to wear hang out with the people are dear to you.  

What is the one thing you could do today start a healhier lifestyle?