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7 Great Health quotes for inspiration

Your Attitude

A healthy attitude towards ourselfves is very crutial to our fitness success and as success in general. When do we have to wake up early and do our exercise even if its 15 minutes, our attitude determines what we gonna do. Staying in bed would be fun, but would that build our endurance and prepare us for success?


What if the only stimuli for achieving better results would be just to be better then anyone. This way climbing the fitness ladder to the highest place, can be lonely. When someone is there and there is no one else, they can end up with a question “Now what?”  Taking the time to identify new goals and destinations, can be rewarding, but without them lack of motivation can kick in, and all achieved results seems in vain.


True indeed, there isn’t a store where we can buy good health, just gym won’t cut it, neither it can’t be bought in Walmart and most definatly not in the fast food restaurants. They most likely are where people withdraw health assets, from their health account. If you have a better health you can do lot things, a whole lot better then otherwise, so simple, yet many don’t do that.


Is that right on the button? A good looking body is sure nice, you have the attention, and you will great, have higher self-confidence and self-respect. Thought good looking body, serves no useful purpose if the persons attitude isn’t a good as he/she looks. With the right kind of good looks, needs to come also humility, humbleness, kindness and care for others.  This why he will, not be seen as just ” Here I am look at me” ,  but also have attitude as ” Woohoo there are you!”


Isn’t that a great seed of wisdom? Imagine someone who is evaluating assets and comes by and says can we do some evaluation of yourself your skills and abilities… We as a person would be practically worth more the all the gold in the earth. Now imagine they say we will give 20 million dollar each year, for the rest of your life. Thought there is a catch, there would be attached a small device that would seamlessly record everything that person does for an entire year. For wrong doing to their body, either fast food intake, too much drinking, etc  they would lose 1000 monies.  Would a healthy person risk losing money each year?


Wishing is great, and people need to wish, but they should stop there. Nothing replaces action, talent won’t, character wont, determination won’t only action. I started to write this post and then thought, maybe i will finish it tomorrow. Well if i won’t finish it today, what are the chances to finishing tomorrow? So i keep at it even though it after midnight.


I believe that’s true. We think of something, make a decision and then act on it. Though yes, there are habitual behavior, where we experience these moments “why did i say that”  or “why did i do that” . Just like in the movie Click with Adam Sandler, in our fast paced word we need sometime to stop, and listen what our mind, and body says.